In 1978, Morgan Wagner cashed in on a new technology…Video Games. He, his wife Pauline and his family started out with an old school bus with the seats removed and started selling Atari game cartridges at a Mobile Gas station at the corner of North George Street and Route 30 where CVS now stands. He did so well that a year later, he added a second bus. In addition to Atari cartridges, he also sold t-shirts and an assortment of gifts. Also during these years, they traveled to flea markets, sold concessions and ran game and food trailers with Inner’s Amusements until 1989.

In 1989, Morgan retired the old school busses and purchased a permanent home for his business. For 8 years, Morgan Supply called 126 South George Street home. 1995 saw further expansion of the business when a store was opened up at Delco Plaza. It’s there where the business became Megatronix. Megatronix started selling car audio, stereo, video game systems, games and other electronics. At around the same time, Morgan Supply sold their S. George Street building and moved to the old Zakie’s building on W. Market St. near the square.

In 1996, Megatronix moved to “the barn” at 4401 West Market Street. The other locations were closed and everything was consolidated to just one location. Game systems, games, accessories, VHS tapes, cassettes, cd’s, DVD’s, electronics, car audio were sold there, along with a huge assortment of other general merchandise.

On September 22, 2012 Morgan passed away. At this time his daughter, Tina Supenia and her husband John took over the business and started running it for Pauline.

After 18 years at the barn, it was decided that it was time to downsize a bit and Megatronix moved to its present location at 60 Glen Drive in Manchester. On July 10, 2014, the grand opening was held.

And now a new chapter begins for Megatronix Audio of York in a new barn…


Megatronix Audio Staff
The Staff of Megatronix Audio.